Meet Sophia...

Raw food connoissuer, avid outdoor enthusiast, Dog-Fu Mastah, Motorcycle Hunter, Olympic Swimmer,and Ball Warrior Sophia, is our black Goldendoodle and also the model, muse, and inspiration for all things Paw-Fu.

When Sophia first joined our family, she was suffering from many allergies. Using our knowledge & background in holistic wellness, we helped her heal quickly with a biologically appropriate and balanced raw diet, and by ensuring that there weren't any immune suppressing chemicals in the products we used on her. In some cases, that meant we had to make our own products.

Now, we are ready to share them with you, so your dog can enjoy them too ;-)

All Paw-Fu products are made with 100% natural ingredients - for real. No crap, no fake, fluffy names for chemicals because we just don't use them. Only good, clean, non toxic and safe ingredients in all everything we make. This ridiculously cute fur baby gives 2 paws up!

*Note* Paw-Fu products are for dogs. Please do not use them on your cats without checking with your vet, as cats are very sensitive to essential oils. Paw-Fu is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Results have not  been scientifically proven.