Dogs don't need Chemicals!

There is no excuse for companies to make cheap, toxic dog "care" products for their own profit, costing animals their health, longevity and quality of life. 

Ingenuity Wellness and Paw-Fu hold the responsibility and honour of caring for dogs very close to our hearts; pets are our family. We make sure that Paw-Fu products are natural and affordable. 

We only use clean and safe products on ourselves, and wanted the same for our fur family. You won’t find any junk or fluffy words for chemicals in Paw Fu. We only use the good stuff!

Choose Natural

Dogs are very sensitive to chemicals and environmental toxins, and are often unintentionally exposed to them daily from things like household cleaners and air fresheners, processed treats and foods, and even their own doggie products. Over time, exposure to toxins is very taxing on your pet’s immune system which greatly affects their overall health, wellness and longevity.

Choosing safe and natural products like Paw Fu helps keep your dog healthier and happier for longer.

Choose Paw-Fu

Paw-Fu products are 100% natural - and we mean it. We use minimal ingredients and holistic alternatives to conventionally produced products. We buy organic and pure ingredients in local markets, from local vendors first. From our labels made in Calgary, to the essential oils we proudly use from one of Canada's pioneers in the aromatherapy industry, we are focused on keeping our products clean, healthy, and made with products from local suppliers.

*Note* Paw-Fu products are for dogs. Please do not use them on your cats without checking with your vet, as cats are very sensitive to essential oils.  Paw-Fu is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Results have not been scientificallyproven. 

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