Dog owners share their thoughts on Paw-Fu!

BUG BE GONE....LOVE IT - smells so good and it WORKS!

Kristina, Edmonton AB

Not only works, but it doesn't use any chemical products to do so!  Love it - Thank u :) Plz make much more

Pri, Fort McMurray, AB

Paw Fu is a great product for our pets! If you care for your pets and what you put on them then this all natural product is a great product!!

Maj, Calgary AB

This product works!!! I use it on my dogs and myself when we are at the lake. I even sprayed my trailer door and it kept the fish flies at bay.

Kevin, Airdrie AB

I absolutely love PawFu products including The bug be gone!! Everything is 100% natural and safe for the doggies (and the environment). I never have to worry if there are sneaky chemicals hiding somewhere because I know PawFu makes their own quality products with all natural and organic ingredients. And these products work better then any poison you can buy from Walmart! I can't wait until PawFu catches on, because all great products eventually do, and it will be available at every store across North America for all the doggies to enjoy!

Amanda, Calgary AB

Love it! This potion smells amazing. The best thing is it is all natural and I know where it comes from. I know that a lot of love and care are put in to each bottle, which is why I won't ever hesitate to put it on our dog. We used it the first time a few days ago and our boy also seemed to love it. No sign of any ticks or other pesky bugs. Thanks Paw-Fu. Now let's get it in Medicine Hat!!!

Jay, Medicine Hat AB

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